Burj al-Arab Hotel in Dubai

Architecture Skyscraper: Burj al-Arab Hotel in Dubai. Burj al-Arab is a luxury hotel located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Building the Burj al-Arab, designed by Tom Wright, reaching a height of 321 meters and is the tallest building is fully used as a hotel. This building stands on an artificial island located 280 m offshore in the Persian Gulf. Burj al-Arab is owned by Jumeirah. 
Burj al-Arab Exterior
The hotel is often referred to as seven-star hotel. It is considered a hyperbole by those in the field of tourism. It is also seen as a way to "beat" the other hotels who called six star hotel. Unfortunately, almost all hotels in the world ranking system has a limit of five stars. According to the official site of Burj al-Arab, the hotel is there a "five-star hotel deluks."

Construction of the Burj al-Arab began in 1994, and opened to visitors on December 1, 1999. The design takes the form of the display of a dhow (traditional Arabic boat). Close to the peak, there is a helipad (helicopter landing site), and the restaurant Al Muntaha (highest in Arabic) on the other side, who were detained by the cantilever (wall that jut out as a drag balcony) above sea level. One unique element is the atrium wall facing the beach, made of Teflon-coated fiberglass fabric. The interior was designed by Khuan Chew.

Burj al-Arab also has the tallest atrium lobby in the world, as high as 180 meters. Atrium can surround the World Trade Center (WTC) Dubai soaring as high as 38 floors - the tallest building in Dubai from the late 1970s until the mid-1990s. The smallest room can be rented at the Burj al-Arab area reaches 169 square meters. Transit is 'just' 1,000 U.S. dollars per night. Meanwhile, usually the most expensive suite costs $ 15,000 U.S.. While the Royal Suite - Presidential Suite kind in Indonesia - rewarded 28,000 U.S. dollars per night, or approximately USD 260 million. Though rewarded with a super-expensive fare, the Royal Suites reportedly always filled.
Burj al-Arab Interior
Upon entering the Burj al-Arab you are greeted by friendly hotel by guards. In Burj al-Arab lobby you will immediately be struck not just by the smell of fragrant spices that spreads throughout the room but also by the ornament of a fountain that can be dancing and jumping up and down rhythmically. Of course, good at dancing fountain which is regulated by super-sophisticated technology. To memperindahnya, the basis of the pond where the fountain was adorned with a new dance-rock colorful.

Not only that, retaining walls go up or down stairs, made not of the usual marble walls, but a giant aquarium that was occupied by hundreds of species of sea water fish that swim freely. So, as if the Burj al-Arab was in the ocean. Just like in the lobby, on this floor we can also find the fountain that can dance, plus a colorful coral ornaments at the bottom.

What distinguishes it, on this floor there are also live performances from a number of Middle Eastern traditional music players. Meanwhile, if we looked up to the top, will appear to the pillars of steel that was structured so that there was a magnificent tower. It is said that the tower structure is made to last more than 50 years.

Although you do not intend to stay, you will feel satisfaction because it can be seen at once climbed one of the grandest buildings ever made known to man and the world. There was little surprise when you will leave the Burj al-Arab, even though you are not the guests staying there, the clerk still invite you to taste the original dates of Dubai are delicious, fragrant, thick fleshed, sweet and seedless, too.

In addition to the Burj al-Arab, in Dubai you can also visit Jumeirah, which is a seaside residential area in Dubai. This region contains a large and expensive properties, and houses built with a variety of architectural styles. This area is popular with Western expatriates working in the United Arab Emirates, is also among the tourists who visit Dubai.


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