BMW Central Building

BMW Central Building. The organisation of the building exploits the obvious sequence of front to back for the phasing of public/busy to more withdrawn/quiet activities. The façade envelope is pulled in under a large diagonally projecting top floor. Here the car drop-off swoops underneath letting off visitors into the glazed public lobby.
BMW Central Building (Photography © Hélène Binet)
The primary organising strategy is the scissor-section that connects ground floor and first floor into a continuous field. Two sequences of terraced plates – like giant staircases – step up from north to south and from south to north. One commences close to the public lobby passing by/overlooking the forum to reach the first floor in the middle of the building.
BMW Central Building (Model Photography © Zaha Hadid Architects)
The other cascade starts with the cafeteria at the south end moving up to meet the first cascade then moving all the way up to the space projecting over the entrance. The two cascading sequences capture a long connective void between them. At the bottom of this void is the auditing area as a central focus of everybody’s attention. Above the void the half-finished cars are moving along their tracks between the various surrounding production units open to view.
BMW Central Building (Photography © Werner Huthmacher)

PROGRAM         : Offices and technical spaces for car manufacturing plant
CLIENT               : BMW AG
                                 Triebstrasse 14
                                 80993 München
SIZE                      : 25000 m²


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