Healthy Tiny Houses

Healthy Tiny Houses. Healthy home is a dream house for everyone. House is one of basic human needs, in addition to clothing, food and health. Therefore must be healthy and comfortable home for residents will be working to improve the productivity and quality of life.

Design houses that are less precise and less qualified environmental health is the main factor of risk sources of various kinds of disease transmission, particularly for diseases based on the environment. Many found out there the houses are shabby and coincide with the coupled atmosphere-crush of an unhealthy environment. For that it is time the architect to create a healthy and comfortable home for occupancy. Despite the small house, but the house has a healthy and comfortable atmosphere.

Healthy or not a house or dwelling is based on the character of its inhabitants themselves. Because if inmates have the temperament and character of a slacker, then the house would be messy and less eye-catching.

In general a healthy home can be said if it meets several criteria as follows.
Meet the Needs of Physiological
Lighting, penghawan and enough room to maneuver, to avoid disturbing noise.
Meeting the Psychological Needs
Privacy sufficient, healthy communication between family members and residents of the house.
Meets Requirements for Prevention of Disease Transmission
namely, prevention of transmission of disease among residents of the house with the provision of clean water, management of excreta and household waste, free of disease vectors and rodents, residential density is not excessive, adequate sunlight in the morning, protecting them from contamination of food and beverages, as well as adequate lighting and penghawaan.
Meet The occurrence of Accident Prevention Terms
namely, the prevention of accidents, whether they arise due to circumstances outside or inside the house, among others, the position of boundary line roads, construction of which is not easily collapsed, non-flammable and does not tend to make the occupants fell slipped.

Besides the things above, should also be noted on Kostruksi Houses which will be digunanakan when it will build a house. Home construction in question is as follows.

If usuk using bamboo, bamboo cutting to note how good and true, cultivated slaughtering position right on the field, or if not so be on the end of the bamboo, so as not to damp and will not become a nest for rats.

2. Roof Slope Angle
To kemiringang roof angle can be adjusted with the material to be used, it will be conducted for the rain water can flow properly. Here is the recommended amount of angle to the roofing material.

• The roof of Nature Materials: 30 degrees
• Roof tiles: 25 degrees
• Asbestos roof, Zinc: 15 degrees.

3. Placement Langit-langit/Plafon

placement of the ceiling is made in such a way that allows there is still room between the roof and the ceiling, so the residents can enter to clean and repair the area under the roof.

4. House Floor

Floor of the house should always be sought dry, then the floor should be adjusted with high local environmental conditions, cultivated home floor should be higher than at ground level.

5. Wallpapers Home

If the double wall will be created there must be no space between the walls of one with didning to be made, because it feared a rat's nest, and if made of bricks or the like attempted to use the correct mixture composition according to applicable standards.

Thus the criteria for a healthy and comfortable home. Creating a Healthy Home Tiny not to be a dream anymore.


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