Het zwarte huis (the black house)

Het zwarte huis (the black house). This site in the midst of historical buildings is now occupied by ‘Het Zwarte Huis’ (The Black House), a complex containing six apartments with semi-underground parking and the new premises of Bakers Architecten.

The streetscape is characterized by heterogeneous, lot-by-lot development with distinctive corner buildings. Het Zwarte Huis is a contemporary addition to the existing urban fabric, in which the notion of ‘living above work’ has been accentuated by placing the dwellings in a solid volume on top of a glazed podium. Lange Nieuwstraat begins at Domplein and runs via a gentle curve to the Centraal Museum. This unique vantage point is fully exploited with a large bay window. 

An internal courtyard has been created by placing the black volume parallel to the Lange Nieuwstraat. The semi-underground car park is reached via a car parking lift, while a communal staircase leads to the walkways along which the apartments are situated. The wide walkways also serve as outdoor space for the dwellings. Het Zwarte Huis was constructed using 55-centimetre-long ‘Kolumba’ bricks. The apartments facing Vrouwjuttenstraat have a white rendered facade. 

Type                   : Commercial - Office
Location            : Lange Nieuwstraat 109                                         Utrecht, 3512PG Netherlands
Building status : built in 2010
Site type           : urban
Building area   : 1100 m2
A project by     : Bakers Architecten
Architecture, Interior, Urban Design


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