Zeche Zollverein Masterplan

Zeche Zollverein Masterplan. The former coal mine Zeche Zollverein, an area of 100 ha, was announced world heritage by UNESCO in 2002. OMA was commissioned to develop a master plan for the site with the goal to add a large quantity of program in order of Entwicklungs-Gesellschaft Zollverein mbH (EGZ) to reinforce the historical context and to re-use the area.
Zeche Zollverein Interior
The combined program of 12.000m2 for the Visitors Centre, the Ruhrmuseum and the Metaform will be accommodated in the most impressive building on site: the former factory for sorting coals (Kohlenwche).  Due to a careful analysis and a strategic development of the utterly complicated building, the bureaus have been successful in combining seemingly opposing interests. The result is an industrial monument that combines modern use with historic context. The once famous Ruhrgebiet lost the driving force behind its identity and its raison d'etre overnight. 
Zeche Zollverein Interior
 On the 12 December 2001, UNESCO added Zeche Zollverein to the list of world heritage industrial monuments, partly on the basis of the OMA masterplan, which respects the site's original identity. The masterplan consists of a band around the historic site. New roads and the extension of an existing highway through a tunnel servicing the site will allow for an easier access.

The allocation of new programs on the periphery allows the old buildings to maintain their grandeur and impact on the visitor. Inside the band of new program surrounding the Zeche Zollverein, new functions will be placed to guide, inform and attract visitors. The programming of the new buildings and re-programming of the existing buildings will contain many functions, most of which will be related to art and culture. Tri-annual and quintennial manifestations will attract visitors and generate an influx of events and ideas.
Zeche Zollverein Interior

Location          : Zollverein
                           Essen, 45309
Building status: built in 2005
Site size          : 10763910 sqft
Building area  : 129167 sqft
A project by     : OMA
                            Architecture, Interior


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