Alam Family Residence

Architecture Interior: Alam Family Residence prefers sharing the front yard thru nearly transparent fence and pushes the privacy screen inward onto the facade which embraces the new found relationships between indoor/outdoor and public/private.

The perforated concrete west-facing wall acts as breathing brise-soleil; prevents overheating on building skin while filtering the abstract graphical light qualities and transforming the space throughout the day and night.
An "E" shape plan effectively organizes the internal masses of the house creating two inner voids that brings light and air deep into the house through both plan and section. Extensive vertical glazing around the inner courtyards and generous use of skylights opt out the need for artificial lighting in the spaces including closet spaces during the day and yet creates constantly changing light  conditions that activate the interior.
The interior of the house is a series of free-flowing, continuous spaces that fosters a supportive, interactive family lifestyle.

Residential - Single family residence
Building status:
built in 2010
Site size:
750 m2
A project by:
Elsye Alam
Architecture, Interior


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