Simplified Inspiration for Tiny Guest Room

Simplified Inspiration for Tiny Guest RoomGuest Room with dining area so it blends right place to play colors. In addition to the value of space, color games can be a virtual barrier and differentiate the guest room with other rooms.

In the picture above, as adjacent to the dining room, guest room must be made different from the dining room of the dominant color of brown wood. To that end, the designer dressed guest room with bright colors, namely yellow and blue.

But keep in mind, though bright, these colors tend to be dark so be careful in applying it. The rooms are closed and less light should be avoided because these colors can make room feels so oppressive.

Besides using bright colors, guest room can also be made with a combination of natural color. Natural color is usually taken from the natural color, for example: brown, beige, and white.
The use of white color is needed to offset the dark brown color. The white color can reflect light so the room will look wider and brighter. If you do not want to use white color for fear of being dirty, can also use other colors that are light but still be natural, such as young beige or light green.
As a refresher, placed bernunsa paintings on the walls of modern or traditional guest room. For color, choose a character remain calm and natural, like brown, green, or blue sea.


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