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Frank Owen Gehry, CC (born Ephraim Owen Goldberg's name in Toronto, Ontario on February 28, 1929) was an architect of dual nationality United States and Canada. Pritzker Prize winner in 1989.
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Gehry is known for carving approach to building design and to build structures that berkurva, and often wrapped in the shiny metal. The building he designed, including his personal residence in Santa Monica, Calif., has become a tourist attraction. Many museums, companies, and cities seek Gehry services as a symbol of distinction, for all the products it makes.

The results of the most famous works is the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain which is coated with titanium, the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles, Dancing House in Prague, Czech Republic,

Personal life

Born in the middle of a Jewish family in Toronto, Ontario, his first name is Frank Goldberg. As a child, he invited his grandmother to build small towns of the pieces of wood used. [1] Her grandmother named Caplan, greatly influenced the formation of his personality. The habit of his grandmother often observed. Every Thursday, his grandmother put life into the gold fish in a bathtub filled with water before being cooked into gefilte fish. Movement and other forms of fish are very pleased to noticed, and will often be a design theme he made.

In 1947, Frank moved to California, working as a lorry driver while studying at Los Angeles City College, and eventually graduated from the University of Southern California School of Architecture

After graduating in 1954, Frank was not directly working in the fields of architecture, but rather work in a number of places that have nothing to do with architecture, including a member of the United States military. Frank had studied urban planning at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, but quit before graduating. After that, Frank married Anita Snyder, and Frank changed his name from Goldberg to Frank Gehry. After divorce with Snyder in the 1960's, married with Berta Gehry, who is now his wife. From his first marriage, Gehry had two daughters, while the two boys got from a second marriage.

As someone who grew up in Canada, Gehry is a huge fan of hockey up to set up hockey leagues in his office. World Cup Hockey Championship is the result of its design in 2004.

Walt Disney Concert Hall
Dancing House
Guggenheim Museum
Stata Center
Weisman Art Museum


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