Habitable Media Bridge

Habitable Media Bridge. Creative director Byung Ju Lee of Planning Korea announced a new paradigm in bridge called ‘Paik Nam June Media Bridge’ in Seoul, Korea. As a futuristic and aesthetic sculptor over the Han River, Paik Nam June Media Bridge shows how to use spaces over the bridge efficiently and eco-friendly. Inspired by the water strider, the overall shape is organic with sleek, streamlined outline. With the total length of 1080m, this mega structure bridge is covered with solar panel to generate energy by itself.
People can enjoy public museum and library with IT complex mall for the foremost IT technology. In addition, water taxi, yachts and cruise ships can dock at the bottom of the bridge to access the bridge from the river. For the sustainable green space over the bridge, circulated vertical and horizontal garden is introduced on each floor using water from the river and rain with natural light and ventilation.


 Source: www.evolo.us


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