Sky Village, Denmark

Right now, the housing market is slowing down, and developments focus more towards office-space. One that shows flexibility. Where offices can easily be transformed into housing - and vice versa. Where smaller units can be transformed into bigger ones - and vice versa.
By creating a tower that is a grid structure with a minimal pixel size, any configuration can be imagined and filled in. The grid-size of 7.8 x 7.8 m combines a good parking grid, a proper housing unit and office type (a unit of 7.8 x 7,8 x 4 m, approx. 60 m2 or 240 m3), that can easily accommodate a large variety of tenants, e.g. young people that want to live close to the city and starters in the office market. Small offices and home offices… a vertical SOHO! The units, or pixels, can also be joined together to form larger spaces to accommodate larger apartments, hotel rooms or offices.

A sustainable structure arises. The grid has been organized around a central core with lifts, stairs and shafts. The central core is divided in three individual cores that individually serve the apartments, the offices and the hotel and restaurant. It allows for deeper offices with cells and meeting rooms, and for deeper houses, or public functions like for example a library or a conference space. By varying the infill, less deep offices and houses can be created. By pulling away many pixels on the ground and lower floors, a more open plaza is created, while keeping some program on ground floor for lobbies and shops. By stacking the units more towards the northern side on top of the cube a taller building emerges with sunnier terraces with views to Copehagen city centre, Skåne, and the rest of the region. By opening the cube in the middle, a series of covered terraces is created to allow for communal outdoor areas for offices or public functions.

A sky village. The columns are clad with cast-aluminium panels. It serves both domestic and office purposes: individualized usages, natural ventilation, and maximum visibility from the sky towards the grounds. Where needed stability elements are diagonally positioned behind the façade. The tower continues underground with some small shops, the plant rooms and a parking garage. By using the identical pixel-unit sizes, the plaza obtains the same qualities and character as the rest of the tower. As if the tower is ‘emerging’ from the ground. This mixed use concept also demands for a mixed environment. The bench surrounds a protected play area, an outdoor fitness area for elderly citizens and picnic zones.

Location         : Rødovre
Site type          : Urban
Building area : 22000 m2
A project by    : MVRDV, ADEPT Architects

Photo Gallery of Sky Village, Denmark


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