CASA MARTIN House, Valdetorres de Jarama, Spain

In this house we always fled to make “a nice home”. Beauty is something superficial and, in most cases, false. My obsession in this case was to make a total abstraction (which has nothing to do with minimalism), evoking the same mixed emotions we feel when we see the black monolith in “2001: A Sapce Odyssey”, Stonhenge, or the black smoke in “Lost”(tv serie). No proportion, its geometry is strictly demanded by the internal function. The lower floor, linked to the terrain, and the upper floor resting on it.

The terrain sloping slightly downwards, situating the area of the lounge-office-kitchen below the level of the road. Thanks to an elevated fold towards the road, it is possible to create an artificial skyline thus hiding the dwellings which surround the plot. This part is flexible, organic and open. Over it, a pure black steel parallelepiped, which lodges the rooms. This part is rigid, artificial and closed. The resulting effect is a pure enigmatic piece, which stands on a small artificial hill.

Location: Valdetorres de Jarama
Building status: built in 2010
Type: Residential - Single family residence
Site size: 1080 m2
Building area: 300 m2
Budget total: 350000 USD
A project by: ALT arquitectura
                         Architecture, Interior

Photo Gallery of CASA MARTIN House, Valdetorres de Jarama, Spain


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