Erasmusbrug (Erasmus Bridge), Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The Erasmusbrug ("Erasmus Bridge") is a cable-stayed bridge across the Nieuwe Maas (English: New Meuse) river, linking the northern and southern halves of the city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The 802-metre-long (2,631 ft) bridge has a 139-metre-high (456 ft) asymmetrical pylon, earning the bridge its nickname of "The Swan".

The southern span of the bridge has an 89-metre-long (292 ft) bascule bridge for ships that cannot pass under the bridge. Shortly after the bridge opened to traffic in October 1996, it was discovered the bridge would swing under particularly strong wind conditions. In 2005, the bridge served as the backdrop for a performance by DJ Tiësto titled "Tiësto @ The Bridge, Rotterdam". The performance featured fire-fighting ships spraying jets of water into the air in front of the bridge, a fireworks barge launching fireworks beside the bridge, and multi coloured spot/search lights attached to the bridge itself. (Source:

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Length: 0.498 miles (0.802 kilometers)
Type of Bridge: Cable-Stayed Bridge

Photo Gallery of Erasmusbrug (Erasmus Bridge), Rotterdam, The Netherlands


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