Shaft House, Canada

Architecture Houses: Shaft House, Canada. Shaft House encourages the potentiality of urban-regeneration and aesthetic rejuvenation through low-cost building strategies. This house exists in constant negotiation between the vernacular and the contemporary.  Shaft House attains the objective of creating an economically efficient, sustainable and responsive housing design through function and innovation.

The organic characteristics of the materials respond to the social context of the building. As the building ages, the rusted steel and untreated wood age along with it and the house eventually blends into the vernacular oeuvre of the neighboring dwellings. The materials also provide efficiency and sustainability through maintaining ideal lighting situations and heating conditions. This house -as an active sustainable strategy- is equipped with a high velocity HVAC system which enables an equal distribution of heat throughout the house in addition to a significantly lesser consumption of energy. Materials employed (rusted steel, aluminum, and untreated wood) are more sustainable than those used traditionally (brick, shingle, and stone, etc.) 

The economical aspect of the project enables and inspires potential builders and developers to experiment with design and to implement innovative architectural strategies in development of low-cost housing solutions; given that the construction cost of this project is equal to, if not less than, the “readymade” designs set as the standard of housing in our neighborhoods.

Location               : Toronto, Canada
Building status     : built in 2010
Site type               : suburban
Type                     : Residential - Single family residence
A project by         : Urbanscape Group


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