Green Living With "INDAWO KITCHEN"

Green Living With "INDAWO KITCHEN". Environmentally friendly products (green products), today more and more in demand by industries and consumers. PT. Charisma Indawo Internusa is a company engaged dibidng interior one of its products in the form of a kitchen (kitchen set) which apply the materials to the products environmentally friendly.

This is because Indawo concern for the environment in harmony with its commitment to the customers to always provide a healthy and safe products. As a member of the Green Building Council of Indonesia (GBCI), Indawo only use environmentally friendly materials and also minimize carbon emissions in each production process.

In this sophisticated age, product design is not only supported by the latest technology that can accommodate the desires and lifestyle of consumers but also be environmentally friendly (green products). For that Indawo applying it into a kitchen concept system that uses 100% chemical-free of urea formaldehyde and using paints, adhesives and coatings which contain low or no VOC (volatile organic compounds). For that Indawo choose MDF (Medium Density Fiber) as the basic material products made from wood fibers that are 100% recyclable, comes from the forest industry and does not contain the chemical urea formaldehyde. MDF is an environmentally friendly product certified by SFC (Forest Stewardship Council). This option means reducing consumption of tropical rain forest wood which is currently the 'bald'. In addition, trees in the forest industry is more efficient because the wood from each part can be processed into pulp and then molded into sheets. Another advantage of the MDF is a high population density so that termite resistant and has a smooth and solid surfaces for finishing coated by the prevention of any kind. This material does not contain formaldehyde which normally causes sore eyes.

For countertop, choose Solid Surface Indawo trademark SUNRAY, made of modified acrylic which is not toxic. SUNRAY Solid Surface is not porous, making it unable to be contaminated with household chemicals and the smell is not good and certainly protected from bacteria and fungi as well as easy to look like new after the use of a specific period only with re-polished. Applications solid surface is also practical and flexible to follow any desired shape in kitchen design. Indawo also wear impragnated melamine paper as lining the inside of his kitchen cabinet.

For finishing materials, Indawo choose high-quality materials, such as Hight Pressure Laminate (HPL) is made from layers of kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resin and with a decorative paper impregnated with melamine resin. Made with high pressure and temperature, this material has high durability against shock, water and heat and is very easy for maintenance. Available with a wide selection of colors, both solid colors, wood pattern, and various textures.

Also Indawo have a superior product finishing with a very high level of gloss. The term used is finishing High-Gloss. Finishing Indawo polymer is a synthetic compound that has been through many years of research to create a panel with the coated side is perfect. With a smooth surface and high gloss, High-Gloss gives a modern touch to the furniture. because the surface of the flat / flat surfaces such as glass and thickness up to 19mm, finishing High-Gloss Indawo have a high resistance to water, which dipped into the water no matter how long it will not damage the panel was finishing High-Gloss. The possibility of unlimited color choices, you can choose from a variety of standard colors are available, or also can create their own colors to your liking.

Not only that, Indawo also use the Open-Pore Finishing in its application, the Open Pore Indawo is attached with a sheet of MDF wood veneer on the slice is called later in finishing with a specific technique with a touch of unfinished.

By finishing in the top end Indawo customers who will enjoy it all. This is the convenience, comfort, security and luxury provided by us to be more satisfied Indawo nenikmati life.

Source                       : ASRI Magazine
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