Distance Standard in Dining Room Circulation

Distance Standard in Dining Room Circulation. If you want the dining room comfortable, provide adequate circulation space. Distance circulation space standards should be met. How ya? Let've laid out neatly, fit color choices, furniture works best, the room will still feel less comfortable if the path is less circulation.

What's the point of having an excellent room, if there is no enough room for passing? Finally, kepentok here and there when walking down the hall. In the interior layout, there are standard measures that should be applied for a space to be comfortable. Not only comfortable as a living, but also from side berkegiatan comfortable in it. For example in the dining room, for activities of its users do not interfere with each other, it is necessary to provide circulation path that meets minimum standards.

This is to avoid activities the A "collision" with the B activity, which leads to discomfort. On Interior Design Course is mentioned: a safe distance required to obtain adequate circulation space, in the dining room. At least, give the distance of 45cm between seat dining with one another. Thus, bracket you can move more freely, because it does not clash with right-angled person sitting next to.

Then, give the distance less than 60cm, between the dining table with chairs, when shifted out. The distance mentioned it easier for you to sit or move. There's another one, give the distance, at least 120cm, between the edge of the table, with the wall. The calculations, after the seat is shifted out to a distance of 60cm from the edge of the table, there is still room width 60cm, the rear seats. This space is intended to facilitate people to people passing behind the seat without disturbing. With these distances satisfy the guidelines, hopefully you do not need to ask people who are enjoying the meal to shift the seat, when I want to pass. If it is still not fit, maybe you should stop eating and weigh loss.
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