Mini Forest in the Yard Front House

Architecture Landscape: Mini Forest in the Yard Front House. Mini forest can be created in the yard depanhunian. Structuring the plant must be neat and maintained its growth. It is so small forest is not look like shrubs.
Pangaribuan Tunggul yard size 5mx7m. There was no fence between the yard is by way of housing. Plants arranged slightly curved and follow the outer shape of the building.

Most of the yard area was closed manila grass. Side it is in the front facade, planted trees with a game high gradation and color. Games gradation low height of plants intended to create value beauty. The front area of ​​crop, planted with low plant species, such as lilies paris. Section behind planted shrubs and evergreen species of shrimp. More parts to the rear, visible antlers (Platycerium) and ferns are superimposed on the tail palm tree squirrels (Wodyetia bifurcate). 

The presence of deer antlers and ferns, which are generally more visible in the tropical forests, suggesting the atmosphere of a beautiful forest. Although only three bars superimposed on a palm tree squirrel tail, but the visual effects caused by giving a strong beautiful atmosphere. 

Not only plants, this park is also used rocks as percantikan. Edge of the park is limited with coral stones neatly arranged to form curved growing plants in rhythm position. Rocks that, on the outer side of the border again with manila grass. In the middle of the grass, there is a stepping stone from the stone temples are arranged in pairs. That way, not only the beautiful garden, this mini forest resources also make homes more attractive. 

Design and Property: Tunggul Pangaribuan, Natural Silk, Serpong, Tangerang.
Photo: idea / Tri Rizeki Darusman 


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