Tropical Modern Minimalist House

Tropical Modern Minimalist House. The uniqueness of this residential design is the composition of the building mass and form a saddle roof 'covered' by the tropical ambience of modern dwellings, in accordance with the present lifestyle.

DESIGN IDEAS residential housing complex located in Lippo Village, Tangerang originated from the desire of owners to have a one-story residential nuanced minimalism with relaxed atmosphere, land and environmental conditions are "challenging" because the plot area of ​​1400 m2 of this form of 'bag' with the house neighboring higher and some owners show classic style to discuss this with the architect and interior designer Denny Gondo Joke Roos from Studio AirPutih consultant. Then they agreed to choose the concept of modern dwelling tropical like the villas in Bali is convenient. To that end, the architect designed the building mass in its current form consists of four mass units and arranged in a fan-like formations, adapted to form a larger footprint towards the rear.

Each unit is designed in the form of the mass of a simple box with a high roof angle of about 500. Total height of the building reaches 12m to create mass composition is not great but still proportional to the land and buildings around. Spaces arranged in a house with walls oriented into the face tend to be solid while the back wall is dominated by transparent glass window. Squares and triangles form a clean look and wide openings that optimize the entry of natural light dihunian This confirms the impression of a tropical modern style in accordance with the wishes of the owner. For a house facade, the architects wanted to bring the impression of simple and natural so as not flashy but still interesting among the surrounding houses that look 'shiny'. Large trees shade the front area of ​​the house.

Finishing paint the facade is dominated by white walls, windows with glass-coated film and a row of wooden beams that adorn the walls of gin-gin to be finishing the roof of the facade. Furthermore, the architects tried to give a unique experience in the space order (sequence) and different views from each room. For reference, the architect created an open area in the middle of the building (inner courtyard), which became the center of orientation and the element of "surprise" the space around it. Realization of the garden and fish pond in the middle of the first mass, the mass of the second and third mass and gives a fresh view of the spaces are public in the vicinity. The mass of the first building that was most face arranged for the living room and guest bedroom while the second mass in the middle of land for the family room, reading room and library space.

Taking advantage of the building under the roof is high enough, the architect makes mezanin floor roof above the family room is used for work space. The mass of the three buildings located at the rear dining room and arranged for the service area while the last mass for the two kids bedrooms and the master bedroom and bathroom. These spaces are made transparent (open space) for efficient, flexible and roomy while memorable link between space and created a corridor antarmassa building. Made semi-open garage at the corner of the front page that is not fenced backyard while filled with parks, swimming pools and outdoor seating area surrounded by private spaces. Materials used in the house as well as natural wood, terracotta and granite for floor coating.

Occupancy for comfortable and look elegant atmosphere, the owners discussed the idea with an interior designer. As the concept of architecture, the owners also want room in the house is simple, unobtrusive embodied in natural color palette of ivory white, brown, gray and black. Natural materials are also applied as synthetic rattan wood also. All the elements of plain space filler designed with a minimalist arrangement given accents such as decorative ornaments patterned runner in the cap metal panels AC and rear panel TV in the living room. Detail of the interior is white ivory, together with paint finishing walls and sofa upholstery. Some furniture such as beds, desks and stairs to the floor in the bedroom mezanin child made a built in pools at the same time utilizing a high roof.

Some of the fittings such as the type of indirect lighting on the edge of the ceiling wearing the type of LED is more energy efficient. Overall, the architecture and interior design of the house managed to accommodate the needs and lifestyle of the homeowner. 

Location         : Home Living in Lippo Karawaci
Architect        : Denny Gondo from Studio Air Putih consultant
Interior            : Joke Roos
Source           : ASRI Magazine


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