Shown Simplified Style Living Room Unfinished

Shown Simplified Style Living Room Unfinished. Cat is not the absolute case. Whitewash only cement wall makes the living room look more simple, but still unique. The following living room for example.

"Well, his house unfinished, really, is habitable?" Perhaps the question is what comes to mind when you enter this living room. Indeed, this living-style room unfinished. This means that there are some elements that are left seem not yet completed.

One of them is a wall, which left only as whitewash semen.Tampilan this official and eliminate the impression of rigidity. Natural and simple impression is also very pronounced, because the homeowner does not play a lot of color, there is only white on the floor, ceiling, even on some furniture.

But be careful, too, if not observant, look like this can make quickly bored by monotonous. The solution, place the elements of refreshment, such as green plants or a little color to the accessories game.

What about dark impression? For the problems this one can be tricked by creating a wide opening and lots. As we can see in this picture, the room was so bright and open as it is surrounded by a wide aperture. Another advantage, so the room cooler.

This unfinished room, more save money as well. Funds for the paint can be allocated to the other. Agree?

Photo: idea / Richard Salampessy


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