Boutique Monaco

Missing Matrix Building: Boutique Monaco. This tower project has a floor area of 54,859, with commercial, cultural, and community spaces on the lower levels, and officetels on floors 5 through 27. To ensure the maximum building footprint ratio (40%) as well as optimal natural light conditions, a C-shaped plan is extruded into a 27-story tower consistent with the Domino Matrix to reach a height of 100 meters, the maximum height allowed by law.

To reduce this mass systematically, missing matrices are introduced, meeting the maximum FAR (970%) throughout the building mass. Through 15 missing spaces, the building gains more exterior surface and corners for more natural light and better views. Inside the tower, a total of 49 different types of units, 172 units in total, are arranged heterogeneously to reflect and exploit rich spatial conditions.

For example, in the area created by the 15 missing matrices, there are 40 units with bridges that divide public (living/dining area) and private spaces (bedroom) within individual units, along with 22 units with gardens.


Residential - Apartment

Commercial - Office

Public - Community Center


1316-5 Seoch-dong, Seocho-gu
Korea, Republic of

Site type:


Building area:

54859 m2

A project by:
Mass Studies


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