Erick van Egeraat Office Tower Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Erick van Egeraat office tower, also known as The Rock, is part of an expressive high-rise urban development south of Amsterdam, named Zuidas. The ambitious programming of a vibrant, high-density mixture of offices, housing, retail and public space, designed by nine international architects, all contribute to an exceptional development of metropolitan scale. The urban concept for this location as developed by De Architekten Cie. is based on a vertical layering structure with the anatomical analogy of legs, torso and head.
The Erick van Egeraat office tower challenges this masterplan further and proposes to create an explicit tactile and emotional experience out of the stacked block structure. The lower part is transparent to allow light deep into the building and stimulate interaction with the direct surroundings. The upper part is characterised by natural stone layers composed in a fa├žade pattern which creates a variety of openings and panoramic views. Both parts are connected by a combination of transparent and printed glass elements and aluminium panels, forming a subtle transition between the two.

Location: Claude Debussylaan, 1082 MD
Type: Commercial - Office
Client: Mahler 4 VOF
Building status: built in 2009
Building area: 33500 m2

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