Luxembourg Apartment, Luxembourg

Within the framework of our project, architecture and art are found side by side, are entangled, extend and complete each other in order to create a common language, a synergy which creates an intriguing, vivid and dynamic, yet at the same time intimate, welcoming and friendly ensemble. The reflection on the relation between art and architecture is part of the concept created with the involvement of the Luxembourgish artist SUMO.
Sumo voluntarily covered the space from the ground to the ceiling with his artwork in such a way that his art, which one can consider being "post-graffiti", is subtly integrated in the built space. Architecture gave way to art which reveals itself at times under the overhanged volumes with yellow, orange and red clouds, at times in the background of the loggias of the apartments with its peculiar figures. Art emphasizes this formal game of the spaces that seem to have "slid" to give way to the organic sketches and eccentric colors created by the artist. This cooperation puts forward the idea of the existence of equilibrium between the development of our building landscape and the artistic interpretation.

The monolithic aspect of the building strongly opposes the neighboring building by its form as well as by the materials used. This aspiration stems from the ambition to set the building off from the banality of the neighboring architecture. During more bleak weather it merges with the color of the sky. Sliding panels allow the residents to be in relation with their environment. The ambition was to free the three facades of the building from the circulation spaces in order to create maximum flexibility and luminosity for the apartments. The narrowness and the exiguity of that part of land encouraged the development of 4 differently sized and individual apartments. On the first floor, a two-bedroom 80sqm apartment is designed for a family of three. A open space, is oriented towards the road. On the second floor, thanks to a 1m overhang on 3 sides of the building, we suggested building 2 studios, 47 and 48sqm respectively. On the third floor we come across a 115sqm duplex apartment. A sturdy all-glass ceiling ensure the sunshine to get through to the north-oriented kitchen and dining room

Type: Residential - Apartment
Location: Luxembourg City
Building status: built in 2011
A project by: Metaform atelier d'architecture

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