Grenelle Tower, Paris, France

Paris is currently reviewing its ambitions of “greatness”. At the outset, we imagined the tower from an initial volume, which we considered a “spatial texture”, consisting of slabs stacked vertically to a height of 200 meters. Within this solid and uniform texture, we applied a dynamic formation process utilizing an empty tube of manifold geometry. In motion, this cavity becomes a generator of space, a dynamic, fluctuating, and evolving construct. Its topology will help us delineate such properties as proximity, contiguity, continuity.
All the richness of the city is transposed vertically into towers of shifting density!

Location: Paris, France 
Site type: urban
Building area: 168000 m2
Budget total: 400000000 USD
Type: Residential
            Commercial - Office
A project by: AZC

Photo Gallery of Grenelle Tower, Paris, France



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