Science Tower for the Panum Complex, Copenhagen, Denmark

The extension of the Panum complex has been designed with the aim of creating the best possible environment for modern research and teaching. A parallel objective has been to create a building which will stand out as an identity-creating, sculptural linchpin for the entire Panum complex and the university's Nre Campus (i.e. the North Campus) as a whole. At sixteen storeys tall, the Science Tower will provide the complex with a unifying and dynamic focal point in a clear and readable form. But just as a tree has its root network, the tower rests upon on a series of smaller buildings which contain the common functions: the auditoriums, classrooms, canteen, show lab, conference rooms and book caf The most striking part of the root network is the extensive science plaza, which will form the new social hub of the complex. The plaza accommodates the main entrance and will serve as the main social meeting-place, linking all functions between the new and the existing Panum complex.
The facade is built up in the form of a grid structure of storey-high window fields that break up the building's large scale. The project will be pioneering in energy usage, with Denmark's most energy-efficient laboratories, in which waste energy from the ventilation system will be recycled in the overall energy balance of the building to a hitherto unprecedented degree. C. F. Mler Architects, SLA Landscape and Ramboll engineers won the project in an invited architectural competition in November 2010.

Location: Tagensvej
Client: The Danish University and Property Agency and the University of Copenhagen
Site type: urban
Building area: 35000 m2
Type: Educational - College or University, Research Facility
A project by: C. F. Møller Architects
                         Architecture, Landscape, Urban Design

Photo Gallery of  Science Tower for the Panum Complex, Copenhagen, Denmark



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