OpenOffice, Essen, Germany

OpenOffice is an experimental building for the Zeche Zollverein site in Essen / Germany. The aim is to develp an energetically autonomous and infrastructurally independent building.
Tools to achieve energetic autonomy:
  • economic building planning with utilization of active and passive methods to improve energy efficiency.
  • optimization of the building skin - concerning materials and buildign systems.
  • photovoltaic energy gain thourh solar foil.
  • thermal solar gains thourh solar ripp collektor.
  • fuel cells to generate electricity - the thermal redundance will be used for heating.
Tools to achieve supply autonomy:
  • collection and filtration of rain water via the roof-scape.
  • installation of a decentralized vacuum deposit system.
The building will state an example, how modular light-weight building methods, can establish sustainable buildings.

Location: Essen
Budget: 500.00
Building area: 200 m2
Type: Privat House
A project by: bk2a architecture

Photo Gallery of OpenOffice, Essen, Germany



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