Seoul National University Museum, Korea, Republic of

The Seoul National University Museum is defined by its siting on the side of a small hill, close to the entrance of the university. The building?s form was conceived as a basic rectangular box, theoretically sliced diagonally by the incline of the hill. This form is then raised up on a small central core ? Both outside and inside, free-flowing circulation was key to the thinking behind the building. The central core is an atrium with a square-spiral staircase connecting the various program areas: exhibition, education, library, and operations.

The educational spaces ? the lecture hall and auditorium ? The library inhabits the structural core of the building. The exhibition space, being the primary function, inhabits the entire top floor. Elsewhere, materials vary, and include concrete flooring, plywood paneling, and translucent plastic paneling over fluorescent lighting. The museum?s fade is also translucent, revealing the structural steel truss work beneath.

Location: San 56-1, Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu
                   Seoul, 151-742
                   Korea, Republic of
Client: Seoul National University Museum
Building status: built in 2005
Building area: 48200 sqft
Budget total: 11200000 USD
Type: Cultural - Museum, Library
A project by: OMA

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