VERTICAL SAFARI, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The key issue is how allow the Buenos Aires Vertical Zoo, becoming a real gateway to the natural world, being the display of live animals, encouraging visitors to take action benefitting wildlife and ecosystems. Usually visitors can drive in their own vehicles and observe the wildlife, rather than viewing animals in cages or small enclosures.

We propose to add an unexpected bonus… an observation wheel to create a dramatic and surprising city sightseeing safari! An astonishing new kind of building, issue of several trends emerging architectural and urban icons. It can be defined as a hybrid that merges the skyscraper, the safari zoo, and the Ferry’s Wheel into an ecological urban new beacon, creating a dynamic civic building attractive for a very wider public.

Located in the projection of the visual axe joining the Reserve area to the Obelisk, the Observation wheel is the nerve center of the whole complex Zoo. Arrived to the top of the circuit, visitors can make a pause and enjoy sightseeing options at the visitor’s facilities level.

Location: Puerto Madero, Reserva Ecologica
                   Buenos Aires
Site size: 5000000 m2
Building area: 10000 m2
Budget total: 120000000 USD
Type: Cultural - Cultural Center, Library
            Educational - Research Facility
            Public - Park
A project by: INFLUX_STUDIO
                         Architecture, Landscape

Photo Gallery of VERTICAL SAFARI, Buenos Aires, Argentina


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